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Monocles e-mail can be accessed using any modern browser on any platform. By registering you will get up to 50 MB attachment per e-mail and you will have 1 GB of end-to-end encrypted e-mail storage. Setting up application for your monocles e-mail after registration is quite straight-forward. Usually, the process is automatic however some applications need to be setup properly for the e-mail to work.

This is the general setup for the e-mail application client.
Mail Server
Port 993 465
Encryption SSL/TLS SSL/TLS
Method/Authentication normal password (PLAIN) normal password (PLAIN)
User Name

Setting up your e-mail client application

PC Client (Windows/Linux/MacOS)

This guide will show you how to set up your e-mail client application to work with monocles mail. In this guide we will be using Thunderbird for Windows as an example. The process for any e-mail client application should be similar.

  1. Click the "Hamburger" menu on the right corner to display the Thunderbird menu, then choose +New - Existing Mail Account.
    • Thndr01.png
    • Thndr02.png
  2. Fill the details of your e-mail and then click on Configure manually.
    • Thndr03.png
  3. Enter the configuration as shown on top of this page and press Done. !Important! Don't press Re-test as it will return error.
    • Thndr04.png

Mobile Client

This part of the guide will cover the steps to setup your mobile/smartphone e-mail app to work with monocles mail.

Monocles Mail App (Android)

Use secure, light-weight and simple Monocles Mail app for your Android device. You can get it from F-Droid repository.

  • 1. After installation the app will ask some permissions and you can allow/disallow any permission. An error will appear but just tap ok to continue the setup.
  • 2. Fill in the credentials necessary and then tap Next.
  • 3. Tap IMAP.
  • 4. Server settings fields will appear and just tap Next.
  • 5. Tap Next and wait until the process is completed.
  • 6. You can set how often the app will check for e-mail, and then tap Next to finalise the setup.

Adding extra layer of security

You can activate 2-factor authentication for your monocles e-mail account by logging in through the webclient (via browser). After logging in, choose Settings on the left navigation bar, then choose 2-Factor Authentication. Click Activate then click Save. After that, open your preferred authenticator app on your smartphone and you can add your monocles e-mail account using the QR code or the Secret code provided.