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About Monocles

Monocles is a project founded to move to a more secure, eco-friendly, privacy-respecting, fair and open-source technical and digital life for everyone. Monocles search is the most privacy-respecting, secure and ethical public search engine due to an open-source meta-search engine combined with open source peer-to-peer search engines, aggregating the results of other search engines while not storing information about its users.

But that's just one little function you can use. We try to offer complete independence from big companies while protecting your data and communications with decentralized and open source services and applications.

Monocles is not a closed platform like many others. It is your secure access to an independent worldwide network.

The Main Functions

Communicate and use the internet really privately and eco consciously. With just one monocles account you can use all these different open-source online services and (web-)applications. There's more to come.

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monocles mail
Use the world's most privacy-respecting, secure and ethical public search engine based on a highly modified searx meta-search engine combined with two peer-to-peer search engines. No one will ever know what you search nor show you ads. Protect your privacy and never become tracked again. To add monocles search to your browser please refer to this how-to. Get access to our cloud and collaborative productivity platform based on the famous and secure Nextcloud. Synchronize your data end-to-end encrypted and use it everywhere in a browser or with apps on your devices. Use monocles e-mail. One of the most secure and the most ethical public e-mail server, to exchange your electronic letters with high-security standards and default end-to-end encrypted storage.
monocles chat
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Use the most ethical chat, based on a secure, privacy-focused and open international standard to quickly exchange with your family, friends and business contacts from any device with end-to-end encrypted messages. You can even make end-to-end encrypted audio/video calls if needed. Though videoconferencing consumes a lot of resources during the current situation you can use monocles videoconference to virtually meet your family, friends or colleagues through encrypted connections. Use monocles privacy-focused, secure, free and open-source Android apps optimized for use with your monocles account. More are work in progress!
mobile phones
Subscribe or pre-order to get a cheap privacy-focused and eco-friendly mobile phone preinstalled with the monocles applications and a few security and privacy setups. Or send us your android based smartphone ( Compatible phones ) to convert it to more privacy and security respecting mobile phone.

How we try to protect the environment

250px We are running our own servers!

The monocles main servers are powered by our own solar plant. Shorter power connections save a lot of energy. Only when really needed do we use renewable energy from external energy providers to ensure constant availability.

We also try to employ used parts as much as possible or even recycle old things to build up and upgrade the solar system and the server station with respect to the security of your data and the stability of the connection. Recycling and reusing things as much as possible is the best we can do to minimize the damages to the environment.

Help us save the planet and ecosystem! More about world energy consumption.

We need your help too

Monocles is completely privately funded and therefore unabated by companies or organizations. To pay our bills and keep our services available and protect the ecosystem and your digital life we also need your help. We think it is much more important to take care of your privacy, security and the ecosystem than wasting money on entertainment or an unhealthy meal. Invest your money more ethically and use open source services and applications.

Please donate a little to support this project or get a paid monocles account. Go open source!

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