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Monocles chat ― use the most ethical chat, based on a secure, privacy-focused and open international standard (XMPP/Jabber) to quickly exchange with your family, friends and business contacts from any device with end-to-end encrypted messages. You can even make end-to-end encrypted audio/video calls if needed! Chat is using OMEMO encryption and synchronised on both platforms. The Webapp can also serve as social media.

Android app

The monocles chat. A secure chat client based on and Conversations for Android with a focus on more privacy but also usability. This chat client is optimised for the monocles server's setting to gain more security.

  • Splashscreen
  • Mchat01.png
  • Mchat02.png
  • Search your preferred chat room
  • You can send picture as well as sound file
  • 4 supported themes


The Webapp is based on movim and can do all functions just like the Android App but has social-media-like features.