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Monocles websearch ― use the world's most privacy-respecting, secure and ethical public search engine based on a highly modified meta-search engine combined with two peer-to-peer search engines. No one will ever know what you search nor show you ads. Protect your privacy and never become tracked again.

You can customise your search result through the Preferences setting. Although you don't need to register to our apps services to use the search service, we will grateful if you decide to support us by purchasing subscription plan for as low as 1.5 Euro per month or simply by one-time donation. For the details about subscription and donation can be accessed here.

Customising Monocles Search

Use as default search

This is the step-by-step procedure how to set as your default search engine on your desktop browser. We'll be using Chrome browser as an example, the steps on another browser are similar to this.

  1. Visit

  2. Choose Settings from the upper right corner menu (three-dots menu).

  3. Type in: search engine, and choose: Manage search engines.

  4. Go to: Other search engine, then on the three-dots menu choose Make default.

Tweak the search results

You can tweak your search results on Preferences in the right corner of the main search page. Refer to these images for detailed instructions.

  • General tab consists of the basics of search settings and will affect the general search result such as: displayed search language, adult filter, and autocomplete.
  • Engines tab will enable you to tailor your search result based on the search engine you've been chosen. The more engines you choose the more varieties of results you will get.
  • Advanced tab is mostly referring to specific things, and most of the time it's best to leave it as it is.