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Knowledgebase and services walkthrough

You can find informations about our services here. All services can be accessed using monocles account.

  • Monocles websearch ― use the world's most privacy-respecting, secure and ethical public search engine based on a highly modified meta-search engine combined with two peer-to-peer search engines. No one will ever know what you search nor show you ads. Protect your privacy and never become tracked again.
  • Ocean ― get access to our cloud and collaborative productivity platform. Synchronize your calendar, contacts, notes or data and use it everywhere in a browser or end-to-end encrypted with apps on your devices.
  • E-mail ― use monocles e-mail. One of the most secure and the most ethical public e-mail server, to exchange your electronic letters with high-security standards on an encrypted mail server with additionally end-to-end encrypted mail storage.
  • Monocles chat ― use the most ethical chat, based on a secure, privacy-focused and open international standard (XMPP/Jabber) to quickly exchange with your family, friends and business contacts from any device with end-to-end encrypted messages. You can even make end-to-end encrypted audio/video calls if needed! Chat is using OMEMO encryption and synchronised on both platforms. The Webapp can also serve as social media.
  • Confer ― although videoconferencing consumes a lot of resources during the current situation you can use monocles videoconference to virtually meet your family, friends or colleagues through encrypted connections.
  • Monocles social ― get access to a privacy-friendly and fair social network with millions of users through the platform mastodon. Just register with your monocles mail.
  • Monocles live ― tracker free video platform based on invidious project; it is an open-source alternative front-end to YouTube.
  • PhoneOrder now to get an affordable privacy-focused mobile phone preinstalled with the monocles applications and some security and privacy setups. Or send us your android based smartphone (list of compatible phones) to convert it to more privacy and security respecting mobile phone.
  • English and German supportMail or XMPP